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Programme "Original Play"®

The „Original Play"® programme is directed to:

  1. Adults - tutors, teachers of all levels of education, parents, workers of educational, cultural and protective institutions for children, nursery schools, institutions for special-needs children, rehabilitation centers for children, institutions for juvenile criminals and other centers for which provide education and help for children, and for those like police, probation officers and health service workers, who deal with situations of potential conflict.
  2. Children and teenagers irrespective of culture, age, and psycho-motor development.

The practice of „Original Play"® is useful in everyday life.


Workshop participants learn:

  • how to deal with conflicts and rivalry in private and professional life
  • how to achieve the feeling of safety, belonging and trust in their relationships with others
  • how to deal with stress and fear
  • how to deal with moments of surprise and change
  • how to change behaviour patterns, from aggressive, anger, and violence to kindness, caring, and openness
  • how to improve emotional flexibility and self-esteem
  • how to develop non-verbal interpersonal skills.


The workshops prepare adults to effectively participate and join children and teenagers in play.

Participants learn:

  • what is the role of play in a child's life
  • how play creates strong foundations for learning and development in children
  • what is the role of adults in play
  • how to join children in play.


The „Original Play"® programme has been recommended by the National in-service Teacher Training Centre in Poland. Its principles have been accepted for the values it promotes, simplicity and at the same time variety.