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What is "Original Play"®

The Original Play® programme is the result of thirty years of research on childrens', adults' and wild animals' play behaviour.


"Original Play"® seeks:

  • to improve relationships between individuals and groups by replacing aggression and violence between people with kindness and love
  • to make every child feel safe and loved.


"Original Play"®:

  • presents an alternative to aggression and violence without the use of force, while maintaining self esteem for oneself as well as others
  • provides choices of possible reactions to aggression, violence and fear without the need for revenge
  • transforms deep-rooted negative habits and patterns of behaviour into new habits based on feelings of love, belonging and safety
  • creates a safe space for the transformation of physical or verbal aggression
  • promotes the feeling of belonging as the best alternative for fear and competition
  • creates a foundation for the optimal conditions for learning, creativity and self-development
  • increases the possibility of adaptation to new environments in life's ever changing conditions.


"Original Play"® is a preventative, intervention and strategic process that uses the power of natural play to activate natural mechanisms of development and health.


„Original Play"® is a psychological and physiological process. It is a combination of cognitive, emotional and sensory-motor learning, which can only be understood and developed by practice.


"Original Play"® is free of competition, rivalry and feelings of winning or losing. It is a universal process, reaching beyond cultural, social or language boundaries. That is why it serves as the basis for interpersonal communication and cultural integration. It is a meeting place where we can feel that we belong to a group, without the social divisions.