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What's New?


 The International Basic Training Seminar "Original Play"®

(level 1)


Once again Jolanta Graczykowska and Fred Donaldson will invite people from different parts of the world to attend an international Seminar Original Play®.  Participants in the seminar will play with babies, special needs children, kindergarten- and primary school children.

The purpose of the seminar is to learn the skillful use of "Original Play"® in different environments with a wide variety of children and join in international cooperation with others involved in "Original Play".


The International Advanced Training Seminar "Original Play"®

(level 2)


Jolanta Graczykowska and Fred Donaldson will invite people who participated in workshops and minimum two Basic Seminars to  attend an International Advance Seminar "Original Play"®.


The purpose of the advanced training seminar is twofold: (1) to increase participant responsibility in a mentored and intense play experience with a variety of children in different circumstances, and (2) provide additional opportunities for persons from around Europe interested in original play to meet one another, share experiences, and create the potential future cooperation.



Training Course

(level 1)


This is new kind of seminar. The purpose of this course is to help prepare experienced participants to give talks about Original Play. This course is designed to help participants focus and expand their experiences in original play in those areas that are necessary for presenting lectures. 


The course will be 4 days: two days of mentored play with children and two days of participant presentations.   Each participant will give one presentation  of 1 hour 15 minutes. The presentation can but does not have to include 1 exercise. The presentation can be aimed at a general audience or it can be more specific, for example, how a teacher might use original play with special needs children or how original play can be used as an alternative to aggression.


In order to attend one must have attended at least one advanced seminar and/or had individual training with either Jola or Fred.  Attendance is limited to eight participants. If there are not enough participants for the course it will be delayed until the Fall.


Note: This course does not give approval for nor does it prepare one to give a workshop.